Gift guide for autistic tween girls

Last week Miss B turned 12...shocking! Even though she's not far off my height now I still can't get over the fact she's growing up so damn quickly.

Buying gifts for an autistic child who can't tell you what they want can seem almost impossible but it's really not. Spend time with them and see what they enjoy, is it cars, book, things that rattle, make up?

Think outside the box! A gift doesn't need to come from a toyshop or even be a toy. If a child just loves turning the pages of books then raid your charity shops or just your cupboards and give them all you have. If the child is more sensory then make them a box of sensory, feely objects from your home (rice in a sealed bottle, crinkly paper, soft materials) or cheap fidget toys, poppits etc.

This is some of what we got Miss B, it all played into her love of pink, sparkles and all things hyper-girlie.

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