Its happening!

He's going to the same special school as Miss B which does make it easier as I already know the staff, the way things work etc but I am doing everything as a new parent would. Although I've been here before for Paul the system is brand new. He is very involved with the school as he's been Bs step dad for five and half years but this is his first time doing it from the off. I want him to experience it in the same way he did when he went through it with Mr R.

So we've been to view and done the parent induction, we've chatted to other new parents and we'll soon be uniform shopping and talking about school lunches Vs packed lunches etc.

Of course there are other things to consider with special schools...will we apply for transport or will we drive him, will he be toilet trained by then and will he be talking more?

I want Paul to do the tours and the chats as those bits are definitely more fun than the transport and toileting bits.

It's also important for me to pay attention as not surprising a lot has changed in the 8 years since I went through all of this with Miss B. It would be easy to be blasé about it all and miss something important.

For now we're happy for him to go, I really think he needs the stimulation and the routine as he's showing much more anxiety in the unknown than he did six months or a year ago.

We have a start date and a date to take him in for a stay and play so that should be fun. Its a big new adventure for all of us but I really think it's going to be great!

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