Not all sunshine and rainbows

I'm definitely a cup half full type of person when talking about the children but even I can't pretent that life with Miss B has taken a difficult turn of late.

Miss looking sad in a sensory room

Her sunny days seems clouded over right now and her mood seems to rumble along like the threat of a storm.

At the weekend she hit herself so hard that she gave her self a fat lip which has since split and now is just another irritant for her. Was it because we were away and things were different or is it just hormones... I don't know which would be worse for her or for us.

Right now there is a sense once again of treading on eggshells to prevent upset on many sides for when one child blows up into a rage you know that the repercussions backlash onto us as parents or even worse her brothers.

I'm not writing this for sympathy but just incase you too are going through a difficult spell. They do pass and drift into different patterns and you often don't even notice that things got better until they go wrong again.

Take stock, take a break and talk if you need to. Parenting can be tough even at the best of times so look after yourself especially while you're waiting for the storm to pass.

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