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When are carers going to be taken seriously and actually paid appropriately for what we do? Carers Allowance is one of the harshest "benefits" out there meaning you lose 100% of it if

you earn just £1 over the threshold. At the same time you can only be a carer for one person even if you care for many...the rest is just out of the goodness of our hearts*!

This CA rise means many of us have to drop hours to stay within the threshold. I'm lucky that I can but not everyone has such flexibility in their working hours. It's a joke and it's just another way to get stuck in the benefit system loop.

*Caring is not the same as parenting...if confused please ask!

"With the National Living Wage rate currently at £8.91 per hour, a carer can work for 14.36 hours per week and still retain Carer’s Allowance. Carers UK says that although this £4 rise in the earnings limit is important, with the new National Living Wage rate at £9.50 per hour, carers working hours would have to fall below 14 hours – to 13.89 hours per week – in order to still retain Carer’s Allowance."

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