These two

These two children are both amazing and terrible, they bring us such joy and cause us such anxiety all at the same time!

The fact that they really don't get on is one of the biggest challenges we face with them as keeping them in close proximity often ends up in crying and us having to send them off to separate areas.

I don't really even know why they don't get on, neither child has any particular preference to anyone else but each other. They are the most alike, have similar interests and unfortunately that is often a trigger for them both.

Yesterday we spent some time at the sensory garden at my work. It was great to get all the kids out for a change and was particularly lovely to see the big and the small as we call them just being around each other without any aggression or friction. They were both just pottering about free from any constrains and its really lovely to experience. Usually everywhere we go they are strapped in and buckled up or overwhelmed and anxious. Here they can just relax especially when it's just us there, its a great bonding time knowing they can't get into (too much) trouble when left to their own devices.

Of course one day I'd love for them to actually get on but for now quiet parallel play is just fine.

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