This too shall pass

This was a post from two years ago. It's all still 100% true, the issues and obsessions might be different but they all seem to come and go like waves. You often don't even notice the change until you look back and see the tide has gone out.

Being a parent of an autistic child can be overwhelming. I often brush it away and say "it's fine" or "it's just life." The truth is that it's hard and sometimes you think it'll never get better. I can't promise that in the future there will be no problems, no meltdowns or bad days but it will change. Also your ability to cope with the unexpected will grow with your child.

A couple of years ago a glass of water could not be left on a table around B, it would be poured on the floor immediately. This was the same for cups of tea, water in plant pots, basically anything wet would be poured and watched with awe. This isn't the case so much nowadays, although B still loves water she doesn't feel the need to pour everything she sees. This is something that has happened slowly over time and I've only noticed recently. The reason I did notice is that having an 11 month old in the house means that cups are now the enemy once more and a had a massive flashback as he poured the dregs of my tea all over the floor.

Another thing that isn't as stressful is wires, years back she would chew any wires she could. Ones that were plugged into walls were even more appealing! She chewed through countless iPad charger leads and headphone wires but had no interest in actual chew toys. After seeing S put the end of my phone charger to his mouth a couple of days ago I again was thrown back to when this was a daily occurrence.

Don't get me wrong nowadays she has new issues that can be just as frustrating, but thankfully her understanding and communication is growing too meaning we can try and help her. We are growing with her, we know her triggers, we know ways to try and calm her to support her. We are always learning just as she is.

This too shall pass is said often. The autism won't pass and I wouldn't want it to, it's who she is, it's her identity. But the stressors will pass, they will change and adapt with her age and situation, and so will we.


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