Imagine having a typically developing 4 year old and then meeting someone online who has two Autistic children and imagine just taking it all in your stride and just asking howw to best communicate and bond with them.

Fast forward to when the two of you have a child together who also turns out to be Autistic and still just being cool about the whole situation.

He literally treats all four children exactly the his own and it's just amazing. He goes to EHCP reviews, medical appointments, school plays, volunteers with their clubs and is just an all round hero.

He worries all the time about making sure all the kids get the best out of everything and spends way too much money on their interests...yes I'm talking Pokémon cards.

I don't do soppy very often but he really does deserve it.

Happy Father's Day Paul.

#stepdadsrock #weloveyou #happyfathersday

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